Monday, May 23, 2016

Fresh Summer Flowers

Going into this summer season, we are excited to use happy and bright summer colors in our bouquets! Like our Sunshine Bouquet, these vibrant colors put a smile on your face and the brightness back into your life! When sending a summer bouquet, or planning your June wedding, check out some of these summer season favorites to make your color palette pop for any occasion!


Starting off with the most famous summer flower, a Sunflower is the perfect centerpiece of any bright bouquet. The yellow color gives off warmth and sunshine almost as much as its namesake, the sun! Adding a rustic, country feel to a bouquet, the Sunflower is the perfect flower for an outdoor wedding, or to bring a bit of the outside country inside!


Daisies, smaller and daintier than Sunflowers, are a more understated theme. While the petals can come in a variety of colors, it’s best known for its classic sweet white petals and sunlit yellow center. Perfect as an accent to any bouquet, the white petals are easily complimentary with most other flowers.

Gerbera Daisies

Commonly referred to as Gerber daisies, they are different from other daisies. These larger, broader type of daisies tend to be more of a centerpiece of any bouquet. Not specifically known for occurring in any specific color like regular daisies, these large flowers have naturally varied colors in any hue from red to white, pink to orange, or even yellow! This bright pop of color with what seems like a million fanned petals make a bold POP statement in bouquets!

Calla Lillies

Calla Lillies embody the soft, yet warm elegance of summer morning. With its curved and pointed petals, this flower displays curves that most women dream of. Like the regular daisy, this flower is known for its soft white color, but you can find them infused with almost any color imaginable if you look hard enough! As either a chic touch to a wedding bouquet, or tied in a bunch, these flowers will lend a poise to any event.


While this flower is more popular in spring, there is no reason to not carry it over into the summer! With a wide variety to choose from and the long, thick, elegant stalks and leaves, the tulip is the perfect centerpiece for a wedding table, or a simple present to brighten up the dinner table.


Somewhat fragile, though exotic, orchids are definitely a flower not to be overlooked this summer. The graceful blooms up the stalk can hold any variety of color, and the non-radial petals add a mysterious yet stylish appeal. With multiple blooms on a lone stem, an orchid can hold its own, either by itself, or hanging out of a gorgeous bouquet.


With two rows of flowers on each stalk, a Gladiolus takes the elegant stem of the orchid and multiplies it by two! The gladiolus, however, sports more whimsical and flowing petals with a more stalwart stem. The combination of these two adds a more structured, yet flowing feel to the flower and the bouquets that include it. This flower is often well-placed in the back of floral arrangements, and add both height and shape to the rest of the piece.

With such a variance between these different flowers, any occasion can be made unique by a blooming bouquet of these beautiful blossoms! Send a little summer to those you love and cherish, either in the form of a bunch of one flower, or a mixture of these within a bouquet. Whatever the arrangement, the beauty will lend sunshine to any event!