Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Flowers that Say "I'm Sorry"

Flowers that say I'm Sorry

Throughout Western civilization, there have been multiple symbols to say “I’m sorry” or facilitate a reconciliation. Just like offering the proverbial olive branch, these flowers are a prettier and easier-to-obtain method to get your message across.

Blue (or Indigo)  Flowers

Like tears or a rainy day, blue is the very color to express regret. The sadness at your current plight and your profound desire to remedy that situation. The deeper the hue of blue (which is why we include indigo), the deeper your regret and sadness is shown. On the other hand, lighter blues can also remind you of clear skies and times to come, and can show that hope in a brighter future. When combined with the next two flower options, yellow roses and white flowers, these flowers complement each other perfectly in both color and meaning.

Yellow Roses

Bouquets can’t be all sadness, however, and yellow roses have just the cure! They express friendship and happiness, or appreciation. This more positive meaning will have you one step out of sorrow for past misdeeds, and two steps back to a reconciled and content state. Wonderful especially for more platonic “I’m Sorry” messages, this flower can hint for a more joyous future to come, and would be perfect for family members or even best friends. If you want to add a bit of romance for your special someone, however, just intermix these with their close cousin, a red rose, for that added passion.

White Flowers

Like a white flag flapping in the wind, white flowers are a great way to say sorry or even surrender! White is symbolic of innocence, whether for you or your recipient, and a purity of motive. This allows to you to tell them that you mean the best in your future relationship, and hold no ulterior motives. White also symbolizes rebirth, and expresses a sincere desire to wipe away all your bad feelings, and start with a clean slate. With the purest of intentions, these white flowers will help clear the air and show how much you care.


Okay, we know, we know--ivy isn’t a flower! However, this is the perfect option for those situations that flowers might not fit for: a male, those who don’t (gasp!) love flowers, or those who just prefer to cultivate a plant over time. Ivy can be a symbol of renewing and rebuilding a relationship. Since ivy can be grown and will continue to climb (instead of wilt and die like flowers unfortunately do), this also shows a long-term commitment to further your relationship.

Their Favorite Flowers

This option requires a little research, but if you truly want to show someone you care, and want to make up your relationship with them, you should be willing to put in the time and effort! Do a little sleuthing and find out which flower speaks most to them, and then customize your bouquet around that flower. Perhaps add a few of the previously-mentioned flowers to the mix and express your full feelings. This way, you will show how much you care about a person and what they like, yet still get your message across.

Say It

While flowers are a message in themselves, don’t forget to put words to their meaning. Add a card with either a simple “I’m sorry”, or even add a short explanation of your flower choice in your card. This way, there will be no mistaking your meaning, and you can be just one step closer to rebuilding trust and happiness. From a lover, to family, to a friend or colleague, remember to both show and share your feelings, and you’ll never regret you did!