Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Rose By Any Color

When we think of the classic flower bouquet, we think of--roses! The rose is the most classic flower, and has been a prominent token of love from the beginnings of western culture itself. However, in our culture, different colored roses themselves hold slightly different meanings. Exploring these different meanings will give you added insight into your own bouquet choices to help you convey your particular feelings to those you love.

Before we delve into the different color meanings, let’s delve into a little ancient mythology. Roses show up in western culture dating way back to Greek mythology itself! Aphrodite, the goddess of love, had her own lover, Adonis. When Adonis was slain, as the legend goes, roses grew from his spilled blood as a token of their enduring love. Because of this, depictions of the love goddess often include roses adorning her, or surrounding her feet. The rose became one of the love goddess’s symbols, and it is still one of the primary meanings of the rose today.

Shakespeare himself refers to this love symbol in the classic romance, “Romeo and Juliet”. As Juliet longs for Romeo and mourns the feud between their two families, she famously reasons “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, just like her love for Romeo would be strong no matter his last name. This enduring sweetness of immortal love and passion is just one in many classic examples of the ingrained meaning of roses in our culture.

Using Juliet’s reasoning, a rose by any other color would smell just as sweet, and so when choosing a color rose, you have quite a variety to choose from! To make your choice easier, we’ve included some of the more popular choice options and their more particular meanings:

Dozen Red Roses - DallasRed

The most classic color, red roses symbolize a passion as deep and intense as their hue. Often associated with desire, twelve red roses is most often used as the completely classic romantic expression of abundance. On the other side of the numbers spectrum, a single red rose can convey an intimate, selective love. The best rose to convey growing admiration, this color is the best choice for showing devotion. Similar to white roses, this rose is very popular in weddings, as a symbol of the intense passion of a new marriage.

Yellow Rose of TexasYellow

A sunshiney color, yellow roses hold a more joyous and happy meaning! The warmth of the yellow color exudes the happiness you are trying to convey to that special someone. Beyond just passionate relationships, these flowers are perfect for either more mature relationships, or those based on friendship. Seasonally, yellow roses (or even pink roses!) are perfect for summertime bouquets!

Dallas White RosesWhite

As white is the color of innocence, this color rose can convey a sense of purity, chastity, and even spirituality. Associated with new beginnings, these flowers can convey pure intentions, which make white roses perfect for any wedding bouquet! On the other hand, this color rose isn’t solely for happy occasions. With their renewing quality, these flowers can also express sympathy or tell someone special that you are sorry.


More subdued and sweeter than the red or yellow rose, pink roses are more gentle and graceful in nature. As the light pastel pinks are close to white, they echo the white rose’s meaning of innocence and can be perfect for a younger recipient. Deeper pinks convey deeper admiration or gratitude, and can be the perfect color for a budding relationship.

Mixed Bouquets

Feeling mixed emotions? While there may not be a particular color for that, you may want to include a variety of colors! This in itself conveys your abundance of feelings for them, and gives them a happy variety of roses to enjoy.

While each of these particular colors hold their own meaning, never underestimate the personal meaning flowers hold to your intended recipient. From Thank You, to a million different “I Love Yous”, to “Congratulations!”, a bouquet is a wonderful way to tell that special someone the message that words can’t always describe. Whichever message you need to send, conveying your feelings with a gorgeous rose delivered to their doorstep can be the perfect touch!